20 Best Male Golfers of All Time

Got a thing for golf? Golf as we know it began in Scotland a few centuries ago. Nowadays, golf courses big and small are located around the world. Players compete internationally with standardized rules, or just enjoy a round or two with friends to relax. Whether you just enjoy a casual putt from time to time or are into a more competitive game, there are some golfing greats to aspire to and improve your game. In alphabetical order, here are 20 of the best male golfers of

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10 Hottest Women of Golf

There are millions and millions of sizzling hot women in the world. They are in every profession especially Modelling and Sports. It is almost natural for sportsmen and women to be fit and hot due to the rigors of their job but right now we are not looking at not just any sport but GOLF. Indeed, the game of golf is really fascinating but most especially when it is time for the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association). The cheers and the excitement does not always come from the

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