20 Stylish yet Affordable Watches for Everyday Use

A beautifully crafted watch still remains a symbol of class and elegance. A watch can add another dimension of sophistication to the wearer in any situation. Many people might be a bit intimidated to purchase a sleek watch since they’re notorious for having ridiculously high price tags, but nowadays, even handsome watches can be a cross between elegance and affordability. The following list will provide 20 beautiful watches won’t leave a tremendous dent in your personal finances.

#1 Timex Weekender Chronograph 40 mm Watch – $51


This masculine watch comes with robust features that are sure to instill confidence in the wearer. It’s also extremely precise, informing you up to 1/20th of every second as well as the date. The face of the watch can light up so you won’t need to grab your Smartphone to check the time in the dark. There’s also a handy battery-saving feature to save you some money on purchase replacement batteries.

#2 Fossil the Commuter 3-Hand Date Leather Watch – $56.50

This Fossil-made wristwatch combines both modern and rustic. The leather strap along with large numbers surrounded by a stainless steel casing is simple yet something that’ll draw attention when in public.

#3 Kenneth Cole Men’s Brown Leather Strap Watch 42 mm – $95


This watch is designed for fans of the “Dapper” style will definitely appreciate this Kenneth Cole wristwatch. Though it may appear that many things are missing from both the strap and the face, it’s only the truly observant who can appreciate the beauty of this watch. The watch is also waterproof.

#4 Mondaine SBB Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Watch – $99

Some would say plain, others say minimalistic. This watch is designed to be worn when sporting an elegant suit. Its simplistic strap and easy-to-read face lend a level of sophistication to the wearer in every situation. It’s not exactly in-your-face, but it gives just enough style to the wearer.

#5 Braun Analog Display Quartz Black Watch – $99

This quartz watch is the perfect example of elegance in an affordable package. The band is made with stainless steel mesh, the numerals can light up for easy visibility in the dark, and the ticking of the seconds hand is hypnotic.

#6 Nixon Time Teller Watch – $64

This watch goes out to watch lovers who appreciate the wrist band being an integral part of the watch’s overall design. The linked band is waterproof and rust-proof. Just be sure to wear this watch with the right outfit.

#7 Skagen Hagen Steel-Mesh Watch – $98


Unlike so many other watches on the market, this Skagen Hagen-made watch is a deep metallic blue. The original model comes in one color, though customers have the option of swapping bands with other colors if they wish. This watch is designed to complement simple clothes with striking color contrasts.

#8 Timex for J. Crew Watch – $128

This Timex watch is designed for the casual wearer who doesn’t need to be in fancy settings, nor are looking for something to draw too much attention away from your outfit. This watch even works underwater down to depths of 320 feet. You can select different colored bands.

#9 Seiko 5 SPORTS Analog Dress Automatic JAPAN Watch – $141

This watch really shows the ability of Seiko in making affordable but classy watches. It features a durable mineral front that is recommended for use by active users like adventurers and athletes.

#10 Citizen Men’s BJ7000-52E Nighthawk Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch – $199

Citizen is best known for designing watches for all occasions. This model features a tachymeter bezel and Japanese quartz movement. The most fascinating thing about this watch is that it doesn’t use a battery. Instead, the watch draws power from light sources.

#11 Ted Baker Classic Collection Custom Multifunction Sub-Eye with Contrast Detail Date Leather Strap Watch – $155

This simplistic watch fits well with basically any outfit in every occasion. It perfectly combines class and minimalism. The sub-dials display the date and time using the 24-hour time format, and the large leather band contrasts beautifully with the stainless steel case around the face of the watch.

#12 MVMT Modern Sport Bracelet Watch – $160

This is definitely a must-have watch if you’re trying to make a good first impression. It immediate captures the attention of those around you due to its link bracelet style with a black gunmetal finish. This watch is perfect for office use and for traveling.

#13 Jack Mason Aviation Chronograph NATO Strap Watch – $255

This watch was made with aviation on the mind of all its designers. The strap is made of ATO fabric. It’s not exactly the flashiest watch on our list, mainly due to the strap and cluttered face, but it’s made for experienced users who take to the skies often.

#14 WeWood Alpha Swiss Rough African Blackwood Watch – $150

If you’re looking for something out of the box, consider getting this wooden wristwatch. It’s made of blackwood taken from Africa and crafted to perfectly complement each of your outfits. The strap is made of durable fabric that can last for several years.

#15 Ferrari Speciale 3H Black Silicone Strap Watch 44 mm – $95

Who says that Ferrari doesn’t produce anything with a price tag under $50,000? You can now own a produce made by this luxury car company. The first thing to notice is the beautiful contrast between the yellow numerical and the dark background. Of course, the Ferrari logo is a conversation starter.

#16 Wenger Attitude Watch – $194

This watch isn’t exactly flashy, nor is the design particularly exciting, but if you want to invest upwards of $150 on a wristwatch, you’ll want something durable. Durability is where this Wenger-made watch shines.

#17 Bulova Men’s Silverstone Watch – $210

This watch from Bulova is a fusion between functionality and style. The blue face with orange-tinted hands clashes well with the silver frame and body, a clear sign of Marine Star Collection.

#18 Techne Merlin 296 Watch Navy – $200

The technology that inspired the creation of this watch originates from the WWII era. The name comes from a piston out of the P-51 Mustang. Despite the face being jam-packed with information, the large numbers and bright markers allow are easy to read in almost any setting.

#19 Hawker Hurricane Chronograph Leather Strap Watch

This watch is a shout-out to the British Air Force . The design of this classy wristwatch was inspired by instruments used to control a British warplane. The face of the watch includes a tachymeter and a chronograph for extra time-reading precision. This modern watch will become a valued part of any vintage watch collection.

#20 Larsson & Jennings Men’s Lader Watch – $245

The simple gold frame and numerals reflect easily off of the dark watch face make this watch look simple yet extremely classy. This Swiss movement watch comes with a durable strap made of leather. In terms of appearance, you’d have a hard time finding another watch that looks this sexy without paying more.