10 Hottest Women of Golf

There are millions and millions of sizzling hot women in the world. They are in every profession especially Modelling and Sports. It is almost natural for sportsmen and women to be fit and hot due to the rigors of their job but right now we are not looking at not just any sport but GOLF.

Indeed, the game of golf is really fascinating but most especially when it is time for the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association). The cheers and the excitement does not always come from the game itself but from the gorgeous looking women who grace the game.

We have gone all over and have compiled a list of all of the hottest women of golf. Here are the top 20!

Ellie Day

Her husband, Jason Day, who is a PGA golfer obviously does not only have eyes for golf holes but also for hot women. This hot golfer who hails from Ohio was also ranked among the hottest women of 2014. She is a winner when it comes to her profession and her looks.

Blair O’Neil

Considering Blair’s exploits and awards won as a female golfer, it is quite exhausting to think that isn’t all she is about. She is blonde and gorgeous with her trademark smile and a hot body that could send the sun into oblivion. She boasts of winning the NCAA Women’s Long-Drive Championship on two occasions.

Veronica Felibert

If ‘hot’ has a body, it would be Veronica. The Venezuelan-born LPGA member is not only sizzling on the pitch but also off it. With a terrific body and massive brains too, she boasts of an MBA from the University of California. It’s a little surprise the cheers she draws from men and women who drool over her for her carefully sculpted body.

Lauren Thompson

Such a sweet-faced woman with a stunning body is supposed to be the all-time world’s top model. However, she wines and dines in golf. Her passion for the game led her to become a co-host of the every morning programme, “Morning Drive” that is often featured on the Golf Channel.

Jillian Stacey

One would wonder why it took Keegan Bradley so long before tying the knot with this extremely gorgeous and ‘hot’ female golfer. She obviously has a thing for winning as she is married to the PGA champion of 2011, K. Bradley, and also has done well for herself in her golf career. Give it up for Stacey!

Holly Sonders

Wow! That is exactly the first expression that will hit the mind immediately the eyes see this mesmerizing hottie. She may not be much of a golfer presently but she had her glory days while at the University of Michigan. Now she works with Fox Sports as one of the golf reporters. Watching her will only make you go “Holly Freaking Sonders!”

Beatriz R. Eransus

Pamplona, Spain, is a breeding zone of dashing beauties and that is where Beatriz hails from. The Spanish hottie is not only good at golfing but also at making more and more buck as shown by her affluence and influence. No surprises she was number 8th on the money list in 2013.

Charley Hull

Although she is relatively young and relatively a newbie to the world of professional golfing, She has carved a name for herself for two reasons; One is for being the latest winner of the Ladies Europen Tour Rookies award and secondly, for being outstandingly ‘hot.’ A quick glance at her and one will see that she isn’t just a golfer but a model, two in one!

Paula Creamer

When you talk about some of the top shot and highest earners in the world of female athletics, Paula makes the top ten. Not only does she earn a huge chunk from her career (which she already has won 10 LPGA Tours), she also earns from endorsement deals with various designer companies like Adidas and timepiece giants, Citizen Watches. She is everything ‘hot’ could entail and a whole lot more.

Kathleen Ekey

31-year-old Kathleen is currently in this season’s LPGA Tour. She is everything that defines ‘chic and elegant’ both on and off the golf course. She has her roots in Ohio where she was born before moving on to attend the University of Alabama. Considering her height and subtle body features, Kathleen is definitely qualified to grace this list.