20 Most Affordable Classy Wristwatches

The difference between men is class. There are various pointers to a man’s class. His choice of raiment, choice of shoes and of course the kind of timepiece that adorns his wrist!

There is not a single man who does not have to glance at his watch from time to time. Either not to be late for that date or his son’s first football match. There are various designer watches out there that cost quite a fortune, ranging from Cartier gold-plated to Hublot Mechanical Watches to Rolex gold timepieces.

Folks who have these expensive, diamond embedded, gold-plated or silver watches draw quite some attention because it shows affluence. Not everyone is quite fortunate to afford such luxury. However, there are wristwatches that are stylish and durable while being very affordable; a priceless combination!

If you are looking to purchase something stylish with a small budget, here is a list of the top 20 most affordable wristwatches for men.

Timex Weekender Slip Thru Leather Strap Chronograph Watch

This large-faced analog watch has a chronograph that calculates the time to as little as one-twentieth of a second. This watch is a multi-function watch because it also has date function which means you can monitor your days with just a glance at your wrist. Its special lighting means the watch is useful for checking time in areas of low light. To cap all is the battery saver function that allows the owner to shut down the watch to preserve the battery.

Fossil Commuter Dark Brown Leather Strap Watch

From the stables of Fossil Companies, this leather-strap timepiece has a large face and an unusually large display of numbers that tell the time. Just like various other powerful watches, the Fossil Commuter watch is powered by quartz and is enclosed in a stainless steel casing to cap off a stylish look. What is more impressive is the bargain that one gets for the purchase of this watch!

Kenneth Cole New York Brown Leather Strap Watch

This high-quality timepiece is just what is needed to compliment a dapper outfit. A moderately large display face with nicely colored pointers and date function, this watch only exhibits few details and is good for the man who wouldn’t bother himself much about tiny details. The selling point of this watch is that it can resist moisture and water for as deep as 30 meters.

Mondaine Giant White Dial Black Leather Quartz Watch

This simple black strap watch incorporates class with elegance. It is a perfect suit for button-ups and blazers. It has no special features that other watches do not have except that the large white dial readings on the display are more legible than in most watches. To add class to a man’s wardrobe is quite the same as adding this wonderful piece to the wardrobe.

Braun Analog Display Analog Quartz Black Watch

This is a German-made watch that has all the characteristics of a German make. Silently moving pointers with a strong engine for precision. The watch is powered by quartz but unlike other watches, it has a more careful finish of a stainless steel band and a slightly dull display background with illuminated pointers – all of which work together to give the watch an exquisite design.

Nixon Time Teller Watch

The Nixon Time Teller is a gold watch that is built to match other high-class watches, despite being affordable. Its design is quite sophisticated and carefully thought, with golden linked straps that fit the wrist perfectly and stays in place. The display has three-pointers and the readings are taken from multiple lines on the display. This wonderful timepiece draws attention like a hot model in a bikini.

Skagen Hagen Steel-Mesh Watch

What could be more beautiful and stylish than having this timepiece adorn your wrist while rocking a nice button-up and matching shoes? Nothing, maybe. The colorful steel mesh of this watch needs not to be black or golden before it is beautiful. There are a variety of colors that you can swap on the steel mess while rocking this analog display.

Timex for J.Crew Watch

This watch is not only beautiful but water resistant as well and it can go up to 330 feet in the water. It was designed for Timex by J.Crew to show the continued partnership between them. The watch has got easily removable straps that come in different colors to suit any color of garment it is to be worn with.

Seiko 5 SPORTS Analog Dress Automatic JAPAN Watch

Very much like the Japanese to make quite some complex and highly technological mechanisms in one piece. This timepiece works without battery and it is highly shock and water resistant. The automatic watch can display not only time of the day but also the date. It is mostly worn by sportsmen and women but can also be worn to compliment an elegant look.

Citizen Eco-DRV WDR Watch

Citizen has made a name for itself in the watch industry as an all-rounder, making incredibly stylish timepieces for every category from high-end to highly affordable and classy products. This watch was designed to have a professional look and timekeeping qualities which is evident in the inclusion of a tachymeter bezel, quartz powered engine and date display. Just like most Japanese watches, it is powered by light and needs no battery.

Ted Baker Multifunction Leather Strap Watch

The Ted Baker designer watch is a simple looking watch but has complex functions. It is a multipurpose watch with number indexes, 24-hour subdial, and dates subdial. Everything you’ll need to check on the face of a watch is everything you’re going to get while rocking this elegant and minimalist design. What is more is that you can get it for much less. It suits any look whether casual or corporate.

MVMT Modern Sports Bracelet Watch

Beautiful is what first comes to the mind at the sight of this timepiece. No matter the occasion for which it is worn, it stands out. As is with most bracelet watches, the MVMT Modern Sports Bracelet watch has a body that is finished with gunmetal and the popular link bracelet. From sporty to corporate to casual look, this watch has got everything in one.

Jack Mason Aviation Chronograph NATO Strap Watch

It will be difficult to find many watches that are designed with novelty, such as this NATO strap watch. It was designed especially for pilots in order to have a working watch while in flight. And yes it works while you are in flight. The moving hands have an aviator-themed dial and work according to the gauges featured in aircraft and with its durable strap, you have practically nothing to worry about with this chronograph timepiece.

WeWood Alpha Wood Leather Strap Watch

The face of this watch is awesome. Deadwood inspired, this watch looks like nothing you have seen before. The numbers on the face look handwritten and of course, the watch itself is handcrafted with its three hand movement. The WeWood Alpha watch looks like you have rustic dead wood strapped around your wrist, however, the durability and reliability of this watch is nothing short of amazing.

Ferrari Speciale 3H Black Silicone Strap Watch 44mm

Ferrari comes with an exhaustive price tag, well not with this beautiful timepiece. The beautiful all-black Ferrari themed watch is nothing short of amazing. Due to its sharp color contrasts, it will always be the first thing people discover when they glance at you. Its silicone strap ensures that it is comfortable on the wrist and can be worn for several hours without any discomfort.

Wenger Attitude Watch

It is a great surprise why this timepiece is not amongst the most expensive watches of all times. Swiss watches are known for their precision and durability, one which this watch gives in abundance. This machine is quartz powered and has an original silver linked strap with a stainless steel casing. Its design is simple and more corporate and it can resist water up to 100 meters deep. Amazing!

Bulova Men’s Silvertone Watch

Looking for a highly fashionable timepiece for less? This is your best bet. The exquisitely designed watch has a silver body with linked strap wristwatch has a stainless steel casing and multiple functionalities; six-pointers with calendar readings and water resistant. The pointers are covered with a luminous coating so the machine is equally useful when it is dark.

Hawker Hurricane Chronograph Leather Strap Watch

As we approach the higher end of affordable, we are greeted by this wonderful piece. Rugged-looking with a durable leather strap and chronograph properties, this durable machine was made as a tribute to the RAF (Royal Air Force). The face of this watch is cockpit-panel themed and it has a rare tachymeter bezel which all the more makes it quite impressive and mind-blowing.

Techne Watches Merlin 296 Stainless Steel and Webbing Watch

Folks in the military will easily relate to this military-themed timepiece that was inspired by World War II. The watch is powered by Japanese quartz and that should speak volumes for the amount of precision this machine gives. Its name was also derived from the best piston to ever be made for the Mustang P-51. The Arabic numerals on the display are large and easily seen even at night because of its luminous pointers.

Larsson & Jennings Lader Watch

This Larsson & Jennings watch is geared at minimalists who want to add some flair to their outfit while also keeping it simple. It is a looker with bezels, golden markers, and a trademark single crown design. With its Swiss-powered movements and durable leather straps, it will be hard differentiating this watch from other much costlier watches that have the same style.