20 Pick-up Lines That Work (Women Confess)

Pick-up lines are powerful. The first cut from a sharp pick-up line is undeniably deep. It is quite difficult to know how a woman feels inside of her and most times they don’t feel free talking to ‘strangers.’ However, with a strong and witty pick-up line, you can scale that woman’s wall of defense and open a whole new chapter for both of you. There is no particular pick-up line for every occasion, so you would have to be crafty to find the ideal pick-up that suits that

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20 Best Male Golfers of All Time

Got a thing for golf? Golf as we know it began in Scotland a few centuries ago. Nowadays, golf courses big and small are located around the world. Players compete internationally with standardized rules, or just enjoy a round or two with friends to relax. Whether you just enjoy a casual putt from time to time or are into a more competitive game, there are some golfing greats to aspire to and improve your game. In alphabetical order, here are 20 of the best male golfers of

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10 Hottest Women of Golf

There are millions and millions of sizzling hot women in the world. They are in every profession especially Modelling and Sports. It is almost natural for sportsmen and women to be fit and hot due to the rigors of their job but right now we are not looking at not just any sport but GOLF. Indeed, the game of golf is really fascinating but most especially when it is time for the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association). The cheers and the excitement does not always come from the

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20 Most Affordable Classy Wristwatches

The difference between men is class. There are various pointers to a man’s class. His choice of raiment, choice of shoes and of course the kind of timepiece that adorns his wrist! There is not a single man who does not have to glance at his watch from time to time. Either not to be late for that date or his son’s first football match. There are various designer watches out there that cost quite a fortune, ranging from Cartier gold-plated to Hublot Mechanical Watches to Rolex

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20 Stylish yet Affordable Watches for Everyday Use

A beautifully crafted watch still remains a symbol of class and elegance. A watch can add another dimension of sophistication to the wearer in any situation. Many people might be a bit intimidated to purchase a sleek watch since they’re notorious for having ridiculously high price tags, but nowadays, even handsome watches can be a cross between elegance and affordability. The following list will provide 20 beautiful watches won’t leave a tremendous dent in your personal finances. #1 Timex Weekender Chronograph 40 mm Watch – $51 This

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20 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Cars

It has become a tradition for automobile manufacturers to critique automobiles made within a 20-year period. During this time, automobile manufacturers convene and decide which of the cars ever made were the most beautiful. It has often proven to be a very difficult decision trying to figure out the most beautiful car as the world is littered with thousands and thousands of them. Since the last time automakers convened to decide the most beautiful cars in the world, several hundred more have been produced. With the recent

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